Our Mission

Surprise & Delight.

Our goal is to create a transcendent dining experience characterized by culinary discovery, sociability, and relaxation with a promise to continually offer our guests rich tapas and cocktails with innovative flavor profiles, personable service from a knowledgeable & engaging staff, set in an elegant space that engenders comfort and community.



Tasting and sharing a variety of flavors is one of our favorite ways to provide a rich culinary experience, with a diverse offering of tapas designed to highlight all natural taste characteristics – from sweet to savory to tart to tangy, etc. – of locally sourced ingredients into flavor combinations meant to surprise and delight your palate.


Capturing a balance between the natural taste characteristics from the ingredients we use in each of our cocktails produces an experience of discovery and pleasure, sourcing many of our spirits from small-batch or boutique producers who dedicate a comparable level of passion for the creation of their unique products.


All Day Happy Hour


Ceviche de Pescado*
fish filet, tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, lime, tortilla chips  12

Taco de Pescado Frito
beer battered fish filet, pico de gallo, cabbage, chipotle lime, corn tortilla  5 / each

Taco de Carnitas
pulled pork, pico de gallo, salsa verde 4 / each

Alitas de Pollo
(8) chile de arbol spiced chicken wings  7

Quesadilla de Pollo
shredded chicken, poblano chile, mushrooms, onions, chile de arbol sauce in a flour tortilla  8

Torta Cubana
smoked pork loin, shredded pork, pickled onions, avocado, provolone cheese, chipotle aioli  7

ripe avocados, chile serrano, onions, cilantro, tortilla chips  8

All Day Happy Hour

COCTELES $15 serves 2-3 cocktails

(must be accompanied by a food order)

La Margara
destilador tequila, lime juice, house made simple syrup, home blend salt

caribe rum, mint, simple syrup, lime juice, club soda

red wine, fruit, brandy, hibiscus, ginger, cinnamon


Pinot Grigio, La fiera $24
Macabeu, En Passant, France $3O
Rose, Mongravet, France $27
Pinot Noir, Palo Alto, Central Coast $36
Petite Syrah, The Crusher, Napa $34


Ensalada de Palmitos | hearts of palm, frisee, orange, avocado, onions, lemon & chipotle dressing (v)  11

Empanadas de Pollo | (2) two crispy shredded chicken turnovers, spanish chorizo, potato, cheese, black bean puree, tomatillo salsa 13

Ceviche Mixto* | lime cured octopus, scallops, fish filet, orange, red onion, habanero chile, sweet plantain  17

Cazuela de Chocoyotes | potato dumplings, asparagus,  mushrooms, carrots, serrano chiles, pumpkin seeds, cotija cheese, chile de arbol and tomato sauce (V) 15

Tlayuda | warmed flat corn tortilla, black beans, oaxaca cheese, avocado, tomato, cabbage, red salsa  1O

additions: catus leaf 3 | chorizo 4 | chicken 5 | steak 6 | mixta 8


Pancita de Puerco | pork belly, caviar, lime, salsa verde cruda, cilantro  1O

Carne Asada | grilled sliced steak, salsa roja, nopal & black beans pico de gallo, cotija cheese  11

Pulpo y Chorizo | grilled octopus and chorizo, olives, fennel, onions, serrano chile sauce  11

Huitlacoche |  corn truffle, chile de arbol sauce, epazote, oaxaca cheese, corn tortilla (V)  1O

Platos Fuertes

Arroz Con Mariscos | scallop, lobster tail meat, white fish, head on prawn, black alborio rice, plantain, mushrooms, herb and serrano chili sauce  29

Pollo Asado Enchillado  | roasted natural chicken breast, carrots, asparagus,, potato puree, morita sauce  21


Tres Leches Cake | infused orange cream sponge cake, walnuts, caramelized plantains, chocolate drizzle 9


COCTELES $21 serves 2-3 cocktails

(must be accompanied by a food order)

Chavela Vargas
embajador blanco tequila, velvet falernum, aplomado aperitivo, lime, passion fruit puree

Ya Pasara
caribe rum, strawberry – thyme, creole bitters. cappelletti, elderflower, lemon

mezcal peloton de la muerte, tequila destilador, lime juice, cascadia liquor, passion fruit– ginger, velvet falernum

Dulce Amanecer (mocktail) $9
lime juice, strawberry-thyme, lemon juice, ginger beer


Jean philippe, Brut, France $34
Bouvet, Rose, Brut, France $32
Chardonnay, Taft Street, Russian River $34
Sauvignon Blanc, Longwood, Napa $3O
Pinot Noir, Lincourt, Santa Rita Hills, $38
Cabernet Sauvignon, B side, Napa $38
Malbec, D.V Catena, Argentina $31
Tempranillo + Cabernet Sauvignon, Torre de Tierra, Mexico $4O

Mac & Cheese $6

Chicken Tenders $8

French Fries $5

Weekly Specials available for take-out only here.

Night Out Special $56 –Only available Friday & Saturday. Choose 1 item from each category (Bites, Tapas, Platos Fuertas, Cocktails). Add dessert for $6.

Wings Wednesday –Orders over $15 get a free order of wings! No need to do anything, we’ll add it to your order! (1 free order of wings per take-out order.)

Taco Tuesday – Buy any tacos and get a free order of chips & guacamole. No need to do anything, we’ll add it to your order! (1 free order of guacamole per take-out order.)


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